do you ever get really mad at things because they just aren’t going to happen?

Oh boy, I’m gonna have to start calling him Starlord for the rest of his life.

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What if Sharon didn’t come back until after Sam became Captain America?

And when she does return to home, she finds out Steve turned into an old man, but still loves him and misses him so much that she doesn’t to want end things with him ever?

But despite this abrupt changes, she still performs her duties as liaison and Agent 13 and teams up with Samcap because the world still needs saving?

What if Sharon comes back after decades in Dimension Z (considering time moves differently there and probably the only reason Steve didn’t age quite as much in the 12 or so years he was there was because of the serum???) also an old woman and they get to be together as equals?

Either of these scenarios has fucked me up beyond repair I’m not ok.

Karen Gillan at the LA Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy (21.07.14)

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"Oooooookay.  That’s…weird."

"Four, five, six…subtle, guys.  Real subtle."

"Are you shitting me?  Covert ops, my Irish grandmother.  This is why you people lost in ‘Nam."

"Really?  With the budging in behind me, and the whole goon squad?  I am going to kick everybody’s ass on general principle."

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@lil_henstridge Just everything about this.

chloe bennet being flawless as always at the guardians of the galaxy premiere (july 21, 2014)

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